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The face and heart of Barre Club

Nicky is an actress and due to her musical performing education, effective barre training has always been part of her healthy training routine.


Given Nicky’s background in dancing and acting, she creates each class with a maximum of dedication and creativity fed by her experiences and skills she acquired over the years.

All this physical endouvours shaped her approach that is designed to get the best out of you in a healthy and lasting way.


With her Barre Club she is fulfilling her dream.

She always wanted to create a safe and inspirational space that she would like to go to herself: Barre Club should be a home of wellbeing for everyone.


But it's not all about Barre, with her Barre Club Nicky tries to create a place where a full body wellness program can be offered. Everyone who wants to do something good for their body and soul is welcome and will be picked up where they personally are in life.


Nicki is convinced that there are many ways that contribute to a healthy and happy lifestyle.


Barre is just one effective way and combined with yoga, dance or sound healing, nothing stands in the way of a successful personal and physical advancement at Barre Club.

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